Estimate Time to Completion
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last updated
10/7/2000 10:54:09 AM
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10/7/2000 10:54:18 AM
This plugin and program work together to give you pretty good estimates of when a render will finish. It also works in a Screamernet. The plugin is a Pixel Filter, so simply enable it in a scene (Effects tab/Image Processing tab). You may then configure it by naming the machine on which the data collecting server will run. Then, just run the app on that named machine. You may start the app after the render begins and it will pick up data as it's provided. You may then also output fairly detailed stats in HTML so you can keep a website live with the current render progress. Makes it handy to check in on it while you're at work. Note, the data will not begin to be accurate until the first few frames have rendered. Also, you will need to enable motion blur so that the timer function is called for each rendering pass.

It uses a "recent average" technique to guess how much longer the whole render will take. Naturally, this isn't accurate, but its predictions will be very good toward the end of the render.

Now compatible with all versions of Lightwave on or after 5.0.